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How about a reject album art button on the player display?

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Not all or even most, but a significant amount of the album art that downloads for a song is either: 


1) the back cover

2) a snapshot of the band

3) another band's album cover

4) random picture


I'd love to be able to reject this art and individual basis and have the system attempt to find more relevant album cover.  


Imo, that'd make Poweramp perfect.  Just my .02

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LOL, I know what you mean, the Google method of "keep tapping stuff and the 4 available configuration options within an app will pop up" only works for apps where the user-configuration features are fairly minimal. Once you get to all the interface tweaks that the more serious apps offer, a good old-fashioned manual would help - but the problem is that things often move so fast that they get out of date, and no-one reads them any more anyway, the whole mobile ecosystem is strongly based around the instant gratification "install-and-go" mindset.


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