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Poweramp adds a few seconds to song duration (Maybe art cover?)

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Hi there!.


I'm having this problem since first time i started using the app.


I noted that Poweramp adds a few seconds to song duration, depending on song's length.

In certain songs adds 10 seconds, in others it adds even 1 minute!


My device: Motorola Moto E (1st Gen.)

                  Android 4.4.4 - Kitkat

                  Poweramp 2.0.10-build-581-uni (Full version)



I've read some threads talking about this bug, but can't find a solution.



Now, i've found that exists a relation between art cover resolution and the seconds that Poweramp adds to that song.

I realized this by seeing the amount of seconds that the app adds with a larger resolution art cover and then the amount added after downsizing the art cover resolution in the same MP3 file.

After downsize, Poweramp reduces the amount of seconds added to song.


I hope this info can help you to find a fix for this annoying problem.


Thanks a lot.



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