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Disable/Ignoring the Volume Warning of the Android System


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Hello guys. Im new here!


First, I LOVE Poweramp! Best of all music player apps, seriously! So many great options and customizables.

Its really cool! Instant buy for me! Would pay again! It even fixed my stupid turn off screen and sound problem. Sometimes when my screen went off, the music stopped too until I put it on again.

Looks like it was some Sony Android Rom problem but there was a option in Tweaks to fix this lock. GREAT!


Now only one problem remains for me.

Sometimes, like around all 5 hours of playtime or something, the volume decreases to 50% and I get a popup with a warning about a Volume Warning and that listening to loud music can damage my ear...

BLABLABLA, stop annoying me, and anyway, its not to loud on some of my headphones. This is really ANNOYING. Getting mad of it. There doesnt seem to be a inbuilt Sound option in Android to not show the warning or show it only once. Why? Seriously. Is Google really that dumb? They even seemed to inbuilt it deep into the Android system and without Rooting the device and use tools it doesnt seem to be possible to disable it. Why, for heavens sake? I dont want to root my device to disable or ignore this warning. Yes, I googled already for the problem but only found Rooting advises.


I wanted to ask you if there is a way to disable/ignore it without rooting the phone.

I have a Sony Xperia Z3 Compact, if the info is relevant.

Actually I wonder that there is no such option in Poweramp or is there and I just didnt find it?

Would be nice if you guys could enlighten me.


If not, I would like to request a option to disable the Volume warning or at least ignore it in Poweramp.



Thanks for all replies!

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I couldnt find a option for it. Even with Googling not. Most people just say that using Root and using something called Gravity Box is the only fix.

However, I think it only comes once everytime I restart my system. Its still stupid though, why cant I just shut it off? I really dont get this crap...

Seems like this problem is already existent since Android 4.X.X. Many people complain about it. Im not sure though if every device is affected or only some who have bad luck.

Sony seems to have it in the Sony Android Rom.


Well, maybe somebody still knows a fix, or maybe there is a hidden option somewhere in my system, maybe something that I wouldnt expect to be the off option...


Anyone else with a Sony phone here? More specific Xperia Z3 Compact? Or Sony device with Android 5.1.1 in general.


Well, if I dont really find a fix I may request a option for it. Wondered that nobody did already. There seems to be quite a sum of people with this problem when googling it.

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Wow, great so not even I can decide anymore whats good for me and whats not.

Im in the EU

Yup, I'm in the EU too (UK). The EU seems to want total control over its citizens, and to wrap everyone up in cotton wool. EU bureaucrats with no understanding of technology are the ones that insist on those utterly stupid "this website uses cookies" popup messages (duh yes, the entire internet uses cookies - try to find a website that doesn't).


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I feel for you, Brother (or Sister). There are so many items that cause a warning screen to popup. But they all seem to have the option that says something like, ("Check this box to never display this warning again.).  You would expect the volume warning would have the same option because it is displayed most every time you start Poweramp.


The only reason I can think of why it doesn't have that same option is some Legal Requirement that AndrewWilley spoke of.


I would have thought the makers of Poweramp could have skirted that requirement seeing as how they are in Russia. But I guess they decided there was a reason why they wanted to comply.

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