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2 Important Features ! Time Search and "sensitive scrolling"


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I think of 2 more features that would make this player the best in the wolrd :)

- When I'm listening to an audiobook, i wish that i could save the position where i last stopped playing - so that i can continue at this position the next time i listen to the track. (Perhaps a feature to save the position in tracks with a length of more than 10 min would be possible)

A feature like "Go to : " could also solve this problem.

My next suggestion is to make the fast-forwarding within one track sensitive- like you have it on the Ipod (Touch).

I mean that the fast-forwarding/rewinding speed depends on the vertical postion of your finger relative to the timebar.

I try to explain: When you touch down on the "progress bar" (that graphically shows you the playing position) and drag your finger to the right than the player should do the fast-forwarding the faster the bigger the vertical distance between your finger and the bar is !

This feature makes it more easy to precisely scroll to a certain position in long tracks

Thats it,

would be great to see these features with the next updae :)


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I like this "sensitive scrolling" idea, especially when listening to a DJ set that is really long, a small finger movement can change 5 minutes or more, so better control would be great :)

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