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Poweramp requested that i renew my license or something. By the way, I did pay for the app on google play store, i did not pirate the app. After connecting to wifi, i tried to renew my license but it just said pending... and then failed. So i was forced to reinstall the application. This happened to work and my license got renewed but....my recently added playlists got deleted, my playlists made using the Poweramp app was missing, album art etc. I was able to recover the files because when i reinstalled the app, it made a new folder instead of replacing the old one. I copied and pasted the files into the new directory for the Poweramp app and i got all my album art and recently added playlist back. However, I did not get my mannually added playlists back. I used Poweramp to make those playlists, why can't i recover that playlists? I have over 600 songs organized into playlists and I am not going to do it again! Please tell me if i can still recover those files. I tried rescanning folders and lists in the Poweramp settings but i didn't get any of the playlists i made. 



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Unfortunately, if you have uninstalled and reinstalled Poweramp then that would have cleared any locally created playlists, artwork, settings, etc. There is an option to export internal playlists and to save settings for re-importing (for example when moving to a new device, or if you need to re-install the app) but that won't help you now as that would have needed to be done before you uninstalled the app.

Although it sadly won't help you this time, if this ever happens again try uninstalling and re-installing just the Unlocker app, rather than the main app.


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