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Volume Leveller or Dynamic Normalizer

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Earlier I had a Sony Xperia smartphone. I loved the feature Dynamic Normalizer in it. All the songs sounded equally loud. Now, I have bought a new smartphone (not Sony) and considered buying Poweramp, as it is hands-down the best music player in the android play store, after Sony's Walkman/Music app. (Yes, I personally feel, nothing can beat Sony's sound quality.)


Ok, I am loving Poweramp right now. Wonderful equalizer!

But, one thing is annoying me a lot. I have 1665 songs in my library right now and most of them sound very low in volume. I always have to pull out my smartphone and adjust the volume. It's frustrating. I have enabled Replay Gain and Limit, but they are not helping.


Developers, please add this feature. This should be exactly similar to Sony's Dynamic Normalizer or Dolby Atmos' Volume Leveller found in Lenovo smartphones.



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Yes please i have to manually regain alot.of mp3s from different sources and its very tedious. The RG function does not.help me because it boosts my allready loud songs too loud. Thx

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