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Better support for large MP3 collection


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Am happy owner of an HTC M9 with a separate 128GB microSD card (SanDisk Ultra®micro SDHC™/micro SDXC™ UHS-I Card) where all my MP3 are stored (about 15'000 MP3's in total).


However, Poweramp seems to struggle a lot accessing the songs / struggles to stop playing, resume playing, etc...


Typically, I can move back and forth 5 songs in the (random) playlist, but anything after that produces no results, i.e. Poweramp needs at least 1 minute to pull itself together again and then works normally.


Have Android v 5.1 installed / HTC Sense 7.0.


Not sure if it's an Android / HTC (hardware) Issue or a Poweramp issue ...



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