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Playlists Acting Strange


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I have the paid version of Poweramp. This is my problem. A couple of weeks ago I upgraded from the Galaxy 4 to the 5 running lollipop. I exported 4 different playlists from the Galaxy 4 that I had created in Poweramp. I put them in the new phone (Playlists Folder) and told Power amp to look there. Now, on the new phone when I go to playlists in the Poweramp menu it lists all 4 of the playlists but underneath each one it says "Not Yet Loaded". If I click on them it show all my music in the playlists and plays them just fine. When I exit out of Poweramp and start it again, it says again "Not Yet Loaded". Hope someone can help with this. I know it seems minor being as everything plays but it is really bugging me. Thanks in advance.





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