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Multi channel Flacs not Playing with Poweramp

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I ripped 28 tracks from my DVD-Audio disc with Foobar 2000. They are 5.1 surround 24 bit/96khz files. I used flac level 8 for compression and kept it at 24 bit. They work beautifully on my Windows PC. However, when I try to play the files in Poweramp, I get no sound. It looks like Poweramp is playing through the songs at high speed but no output. Now, the Samsung Galaxy stock player as well as the N7 player will play the files without problem. Frankly, I was surprised at this. Is this a down mixing issue or something else. If the other FREE players can do it, why not Poweramp? Some help please.

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As a follow up, I found out I had Foobar set to not show the stereo down mixes. I went back and extracted the stereo down mixes then converted to 24bit 192khz stereo FLAC and they seem to work fine. So the stereo vs 5.1 seems to be the issue. Interesting though that the other 2 players could handle it.

As a side note, it seems either Foobar2000 is buggy or the DVD-Audio plug-in is, for which I needed to find work-around solutions.

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