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Poweramp App closing Automatically

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Power AMP Version : 2.0.10-build-581-play

Device Model: Nexus 5

Android Version: Android 5.1.1 (LMY48I)

Custom ROM : Cataclysm 5.1.1 (AUG 07 Beta) - Kernel blu_spark r16




Since I purchased Power AMP, these are the days I've been using it frequently. I don't know this bug exists from before or not.


I've noticed this bug while listening to tracks using Power AMP. app is getting closed automatically. No crash message or no notification. I've played same tracks using other music players like, Google Play Music and VLC Media Player. I don't see any problem/bug with those players while listening to my tracks.



What I've tried before I report this bug, are

* Reinstalled the app (Bug still persists).

* Tried different players to if they are closing automatically or what...

* Tried all 3 Tweaks in Poweramp>> Settings>> misc>> (Bug still persists)


Note: I've already mailed CatLog report to the given mail address with subject "Poweramp App closing Automatically"



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