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List of Genres - Song List varies by device

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Hi there, I have several Android devices with Poweramp installed. All Samsung with external SD cards.


I recently added a lot of music, so started to resynch all my devices. Started with one blank re-formatted 64GB memory card, syched the Genres that would fit using Windows Media Player.


Using that card as a base, I reformatted the other cards, and copied the music folder to them all, all devices then did a full-rescan after installing the card.


One device, the Samsung Galaxy Player 4.2(Android 2.3.6) shows a different number of songs in each genre than the others, which seem consistent. (one genre is off by over 1000 songs!).


Hard to know which one is correct as WMP reports in "hours" not "songs", although every device but this one shows the same number.


I checked the music folder on this device, it has the exact same number of folders and files as the others.

I deleted the application data from Application Manager, and it still reports the incorrect number.


Unsure what the next step should be? Thanks.

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