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Now playing list reset after reboot when playing playlists since Lollipop upgrade

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I finally got around to upgrading my Tmobile Galaxy S5 to Lollipop. Since the upgrade, when I reboot my phone Poweramp does not remember my 'now playing' list if I was playing a Playlist (and most of my music is organized into playlists). This error does not occur if I am not playing a playlist. Example: if I am playing an album and I'm on track 3 and reboot, upon booting up Poweramp remembers I am on track 3 of that album. Now if I create a playlist of that album, play track 3 and reboot, upon booting up Poweramp's now playing list is on track 1 of ALL my music, it failed to remember playback location.


I never had this issue on KitKat.


All my playlists are .m3u files on my SD card, sync'd over from Media Monkey on my PC.


Edit: This issue occurs if I power the phone off or a full reboot. Issue does not occur if I do a 'hot boot'. I have tried with Auto Scan on and off, doesn't make a difference. I also have experimented with a ton of settings in PA, no difference.


Edit 2: In case anyone stumbles upon this in the future I sort of solved the problem.....I flashed back to Kit Kat. Was finding too many cons with Lollipop and not enough pros :D

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