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If you have Lollipop and ID3 tags aren't showing up on your car stereo...


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If you have Lollipop and ID3 tags aren't showing up on your car stereo deck, it is likely due to a change in how Android deals with a Bluetooth feature called "AVRCP".  Apparently the OS changed this in some significant way when it was rev'd from 4.x to 5.x.  Prior to my phone updating its OS, everything was very cool with my Pioneer aftermarket deck.  After the update, no tags, no control of the phone via the deck's skip forward / backward buttons.


It turns out that my pioneer deck's family had this problem much earlier with Iphone devices.  See here:   http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/Car/DVD-Receivers/AVH-P4400BH?tab=firmware



Once I updated my deck's Bluetooth firmware using the link above, everything was cool again.  The tip-off that made me realize this was a stereo issue vs. a phone or Poweramp issue was that my updated phone was still working just fine with my Honda Odyssey's factory deck, pre- and post-update.  So if you're having ID tags not showing up on an Android 5.x device, look up your stereo vendor for some support.


Hope this helps some folks!








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