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Software to space out headphone sound

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Hi, I've only just downloaded the trial version for my Samsung Android tablet and I think it's great.  I normally use Foobar2000 on my desktop PC (and laptop), but I've added a combination of Dolby Headphone and Channel Mixer, which has the effect of taking the sound some distance, so to speak, from the head.  It's not actually a problem for me but I'm sure readers will know that some people find it very tiring to listen for long through headphones. Various people have developed software that can mitigate this effect, and one way I've found is the combination mentioned above.   Another possibility is the Meier Crossfeed software which can also be added to Foobar2000.  See eg http://www.foobar2000.org/components


As I say, I'm not affected overmuch by this problem, although I do find listening with the Dolby Headphone + Channel Mixer combo gives a much fuller, spacious sound outside the head, with a real concert hall feel.


So I'm wondering if there's anything similar for use with the Poweramp.  (By the way I don't know if you're associated, but for several years I've used dBpoweramp for music CD ripping and cataloguing etc.)


I'm pretty certain I'm going to buy Poweramp for android -- at the price it's just impossible to refuse.


If you don't have anything at the moment like the 'spacing out' I've described above, I wonder if you'd consider working on it?


Thanks for considering and reading.


I'm really impressed with the sound -- especially because I'm using it with Graham Slee's great Voyager headphone amplifier.  It's a great combination.  (I also have his Bitzie rigged up to my desktop.)


All best



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