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Clicking the "Menu Up" Button when coming from Main UI


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So I've been playing around with the player for the past couple of hours, and I really love it and will definitely buy it, there is just one really small thing that would make this player, in my eyes, almost perfect:

When on the main player screen, if you click on the little "list" button above the song name to go to the list of songs you own that are in the same album, and then click the up arrow button in the upper right corner to go to the next organizational level, it would be a lot easier if it went to the Artist instead of all owned albums (like, it should go to the artist the album was made by, with the list of the other albums you have by them). It does this if you use the library function to find your song, and then press the "menu up" button without going to the player screen, but once you do go to the player screen it will just go to a list of all albums, regardless of the artist. I know that this is a really small thing, but I feel like it allows for easier changes between songs, especially if you want to listen to a lot of songs by the same artist.

I'm sorry if that made absolutely no sense, and I'll clarify if needed.

Otherwise I looooveeee Poweramp and thanks for developing such a great app!!

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Thanks for the request.

I'll be looking into this issue. Right now PowerAMP follows standard android player approach and plays the whole album, not just the selected artist's songs in the album.

Changing it to playing the only the selected artists from the album may cause even more questions/requests to change.

Moving back to the artist from album won't work for compilation albums.

The one improvement that will be added to artist view (in one of the next minor releases) - is the ability to show all artist songs in a plain list, not sorted by albums.

More Library changes/tweaks will be done when own Library will be implemented in v2.0.

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here maybe this is a better way to describe it, and this way might sidestep the problems you are talking about.

would it be possible for Poweramp to memorize the hierarchy you used to get to a song, even after going to the player screen? iPods and iOS devices work this way i am pretty sure, and once again it just makes it easier to switch between songs.

Again, thanks for making such an incredible app!

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