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Hi, I don't if this is a bug, or depends on Poweramp or Lastfm App. I think is not Lastfm App because bBefore I bought Poweramp I used Winamp and all the scrobblings were correct.


I always have activated the scrobbling of the tracks to lastfm, but it doesn't work properly with Poweramp. Sometimes the tracks are not scrobbled, sometimes I listen 1 song one time, and it scrobbles like if I heard it more times (I mean 2, 3, even 4 times, all scrobbled in same hour).


Is there any way to solve this?



***A little info, don't know if it's neccesary. I'm using the last version of Poweramp and Lastfm App (I always update them), in Android 5.0.2.

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I had the same problem. after playing around a lot I found a fix. uninstall the default last.fm app. install Simple last.fm scrobbler app. this is the app you'll use to scrobble your stuff. 


You shouldn't need to do anything else, but if you want, my settings are as follows:


On Poweramp:

- Scrobble via Simple Last.fm checked

- Everything else unchecked


On Simple Last.fm Scrobbler:

- Scrobble checked

- Notify now playing checked (sometimes I had to disable this otherwise it would scrobble a song even though it was paused/stopped)

- When to scrobble: after every track

* plugged in Options: same as for battery

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