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creating playlist by selecting several tracks at once


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Hello all.

I'd like to create a playlist with let's say a hundred tracks. Do I really have to find every single track, hold it, select "add to playlist", and do that a hundred times? Is there a way to for example go to the "all tracks" list and then work my way through the list, checking little boxes, so I can add many tracks at once? Of course, not all my favourite songs are on one album, so being able to add a whole album does not do the trick here.

Any ideas, anyone...?

Thank you so much. I am going crazy here.



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Go to the list of All Songs (or whichever view you want really, but All Songs allows access to everything in your Library in one go) and press the Menu button. Select 'Add to Playlist' (this is before you have chosen any particular song). You can then tap on as many songs as you want to select/unselect them, before finally pressing the 'Add (nnn)' link at the bottom of the screen (it will indicate the quantity of songs you are adding).

This works with Menu > Enqueue too by the way.

It's one of those things that is incredibly obvious... once you know how to do it. :)


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