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unlock problem becauseof gfw blocked gmail


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I have buyed a full version license from website which use my google gmail account.


But you maybe know that we Chinese people can't visit google service directly for gfw blocked all of google services. so I can't signin my account in mobile  and can't unlock Poweramp under settings .


Please help me to fix it anyway.  are there some way to unlock without google service ?

I love the Poweramp player so much.

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If you buy from the website, you ideally need to use whatever email address is already set up as an account on your phone in order for it to be validated. But as has been said, email your purchase details through to poweramp.maxmpz@gmail.com for assistance.


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Hi, support team,

I have successed in unlocking.
Just share my solutions for those confused people.
for some android device without settings => account menu. this way worked well.
1. Download google email app with version 6.3 and only this version worked.
2. Use email purchased from Poweramp website to setting email account, when finished it will add account under android Poweramp restore needed.
3. restore under Poweramp.
4. success.
btw, I have changed my email from google gmail to tencent email which never blocked in china . just send support team your request.
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