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this is new. i've recently changed my phone and this wasn't happening before.


now some album names, in album view, are aligned to the left and without the last letter..


of course i checked the id3tag and everything is normal. i trid to change it, completely rewrite it. rip again the album from cd and give it new tags. nothing changes..


i'm on samsung galaxy s3 neo kitkat 4.4.2.


here 2 screenshot (supermodifieD and confielD) strangely enough they are 2 albums ending with a "D" (but it doesnt do it with all the names ending with D tho..)





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On 09/06/2015 at 10:55 PM, andrewilley said:

I've seen this too, and it has been reported to the dev in the past.


Do you know if any progress has been made? I'm having the same issue. Perhaps you could point me in the direction of other related posts or threads.  

I use the Samsung Galaxy S3 running stock 4.3. 

I've added the relevant screenshot.



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I suspect it's not exactly at the top of Max's list of priorities with all the work developing Poweramp v3 going on. My guess is that if he happens to be in that code and finds the problem he'll fix it, but otherwise it might have to wait until after the official release of v3 and he has time to start on the more minor issues.

(It's not a problem of older ID3v1 tags being present as well as ID3v2.4 ones is it?)


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