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Album Art mechanics


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Hi, just wondering if I can please ask how Poweramp decides how & when to display album art? I have a mixture of MP3s & FLACs, some with album art in the tags, and some with an AlbumArt.jpg file. Most folders work as expected, but some display album art only in the player & widget, but not in the folder list. Can you please outline how the app decides what album art to show (what has preference etc) and why I may not be seeing album art in the folder list for a certain folder, but do see it when I start playing music from that folder?


ps, congratulations on a fantastic music player! Best on the market!

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Thanks for the feedback!

I've tried first to describe logic in English the way it's implemented in code, but it was more complicated than the code itself )

Basically, depending on Album Art download settings (including Prefer Downloaded Art), for main UI/widgets/lock screen one of the following images will be selected:

Embed album art (bigger than 128x128)

=> cached downloaded art (previously downloaded)

=> folders mode: [album name].jpg ([album name] replaced with the actual album name)

=> folders mode: folder.jpg/cover.jpg/AlbumArt...Large.jpg

=> folders mode: any jpg (bigger than 128x128, less than 512kb)

=> library mode: art from the system library

=> search & download initiated for image

For Folder List first 3 songs can checked (not sorted by anything -> so first 3 random files are checked):

=> if there is cached image from previous searches, it's used (.pamp)

=> if there is folder.jpg/cover.jpg/AlbumArt...Large.jpg or any other jpg -> it's used

=> embed art in first 3 files, if found, that will be used

=> for album and artist, if found, cached downloaded art will be used or download initiated.

For Library Albums List:

=> art from the system library

=> if no art in system library, search & download started

As you can see, the logic can be complicated. Album art in folder list/album list can't and shouldn't always match the image used for given song.

For folder list, only 3 files are checked (for embed art/album name), if you're unlucky and there are no any jpegs in the folder.

Search & download won't be started if there are no album and artist tags in the song.

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Thanks heaps for the info. One thing, maybe do a toLower() or something when searching for the jpg files. I found I was finally able to get the folder list art to work by changing the filename from "AlbumArt.JPG" to "AlbumArt.jpg".

Again, awesome app, and keep up the excellent work!

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Orian, thanks for that finding!

There was one extra ".jpg" comparison in folder scanner, which wasn't actually needed and it wasn't case insensitive. So it works now for any jPeGs in folders view. In Player screen it was ok (case insensitive) already. This will be in next minor release coming next week.

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