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Option for Single Play/Stop After One Song

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There were a couple of threads on this topic several months back but I haven't heard any updates yet. Is there a single play function in the pipeline for a future build of Poweramp?


I understand that I can do things like making a single playlist, adding it to queue, or searching it up by name. However, I was hoping there would be a more streamlined functionality to accomplish the same effect. In the previous threads, there was mention of adding another option to the shuffle options such as pause after track is finished. I don't know if coding such a functionality is difficult or not but I would appreciate it if a single play mode could be added.


I know most people probably set up and listen to playlists, but sometimes I prefer to listen to single songs from different albums and it would be a lot smoother if I could quickly swipe to them instead of having to use workarounds every time.

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I know this is old and there's a couple of these but I came here and signed up just to voice my need for this function as well. This seems to be a feature alot of people could use. 

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