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Can't even disable auto-scan? This app is super frustrating now...


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So, playlists clearly don't work for anybody...okay, fine...

somebody suggested that turning off auto-scan might fix it? So I go to folders>auto-find music folders

then uncheck the box that says 'Also import missing System Library playlists'


Then hit close. If I go back here, the box is still checked. No matter how much I uncheck the damn thing Poweramp keeps it checked, there is no button to actually save the fact that  you re-checked, all you can do is hit close or have Poweramp auto-scan for you...


Look, I'm a pretty patient person. I've been looking for the solution for this playlist issue for months now. I'm saving my playlists in m3u format, I'm putting them with the same folder setup as I have in wmp. I'm doing things manually. But this is just ridiculous. The devs COMPLETELY dropped the ball with the playlist management of this app, and the absolute worst part is that there is no alternative but to use the terrible auto-scan to import music and playlists into power-amp. 


Is there any way to actually tell power-amp to turn auto-scan off and have it work? Also is there any way to actually fix the playlist issue? Yes, I have all the relevant folders checked, I have quadruple checked this. 


Thanks a lot and sorry about ranting but I am at my wits end.

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So, playlists clearly don't work for anybody

Well for you anyway, they work fine for me as it happens.

However I do tend to create my own playlists to be fair (either within Powermap or externally using a text edited) and I don't use other platform music management tools like the dreaded iTunes/etc. Is that where you are having problems?

Not sure why you can't turn auto-scan off either, for me I just go into Settings > Folders and Library > Folders/Library Scanner and simply untick the main "Auto-scan" item at the top. It stays unticked even after I exit Poweramp or reboot the device.


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