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When there are mutiple *.flac files in the album folder along with Cue sheet, the Cue sheet is being ignored, despite the fact, that Cue standard allows multiple files described inside Cue sheet. Please fix it, so that the Cue sheet will have the highest priority. 

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I've been recently in touch with the developer regarding this issue, and still no solution since May 30, 2015... Bad feeling about this... 

Please tell me they are trying to fix it.... :angry:




Not sure if this helps, since all the other cue files (cue 1:1) are detected properly.

On May 5, 2016 15:26, "Alex Platonov" <spprt.Poweramp.maxmpz@gmail.com> wrote:
Hello from Poweramp support team!

Please ensure you have exactly your music folders selected in Poweramp Settings / Folders and Library / Music Folders
or try to do the "Full Rescan" (not just "Rescan") in Poweramp Settings / Folders and Library (last item).



Hi, im a relatively happy user of your app. However, i cannot make your app to "see" *cue playlist, which includes multiple separate wav files. I need your assistance ASAP :-/


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I'm afraid I don't know Max's plans on every one of hundreds of smaller feature requests, some of which have been around for 4+ years. My guess would be that once the main work on Poweramp v3 is completed and a release version is issued (and remember that it is still in alpha at the moment), then max will be able to turn his attentions to the backlog of feature requests. 

For now though, just make a separate CUE file for each segmented audio file.


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According to what I've said earlier - it's a bug, so please process it like one. <_<

  • Poweramp version and build number: 2.0.10-build-588-play (Full version)
  • device model: Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 international variant
  • Android version: 5.1.1
  • Custom ROM name/version: 12.1-20160311-MARKOX89-i9100
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Just because only some elements of a standard are implemented doesn't make that a bug. Only a few MP3 ID3 tags from the spec are implemented for example - adding more is a feature request, not a bug report. As I said, although I'm sure this issue has been noted, I honestly wouldn't hold your breath on it, it's a relatively minor issue (with easy workarounds) compared to some things.


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On 5/15/2016 at 5:38 PM, andrewilley said:

Just because only some elements of a standard are implemented doesn't make that a bug.

Yes, it does. It's called "contract", it's widely used in software development.

You see, as a user I read the following description in "Screenshot_2016-05-16-18-50-56.png", and I expect correct behavior, which leads me to a purchase of the product. 

Now, the official documentation of the CUE sheet standard is described here "CDRWIN USER’S GUIDE" by "Golden Hawk Technology". 

Chapter 7 shows an example of CUE sheet with multiple files described "cdrwin.pdf - Adobe Reader.png".

Something has to be changed: Poweramp feature list or the source code. <_<


cdrwin.pdf - Adobe Reader.png

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