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Motorola Flipout Problem


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Hi guys, 


I have an old motorola flipout and I installed it into my car to use as an Mp3 player. Poweramp works so well because of the large buttons and swipe gestures. So after using the trial I decided to buy. 


I made the purchase but then noticed that I could not find the unlocker app in the play store :( 


I tried to download the unlocker and install manually but the phone will not allow the app to install. 


Could someone please advise on what I can do? I don't think it can be a compatibility issue as the trial app worked great..?!


Would appreciate any help at all. 



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If you bought the unlocker via the Google Play store then you should be able to download it on any device using the same Google account, and that will unlock the main app for you.

If you bought from the website, you should get a code in an email which allows you to unlock it - see http://support.powerampapp.com/knowledgebase/articles/323889-restore-purchase-from-website-build-550 . You need to be using the version of Poweramp downloaded from the site ( http://forum.powerampapp.com/index.php?/topic/3189-poweramp-build-579-updated-27-april-2015/ )


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Hi Andre, 


Like I said, I can't see the unlocker app in the google play store so I can't install it from there.


When I download the app on the device from the website, I click on the .apk file and it just says "There is a problem parsing the package".


I have unknown sources enabled in the application manager.


Any ideas?

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The behaviour you describe is when the api of your device is lower than the app you are trying to download. Google play will only show apps compatible with your device. However, since you downloaded Poweramp onto the device, it should also allow you to download the unlocker. Did you try and use a different device to download the unlocker and copy it to your moto? and still get the parse error?

Perhaps try searching on google play using a pc. A drop down box will show your compatible devices.

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