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Album Art In Album List Not Consistently Showing Up

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I've noticed that when I browse into an album listing, it properly displays the album art at the top of the screen in the header, but when I'm in the "Now Playing" screen and go back to the album list the album art no longer displays. I've also found that this happens if I just rotate my phone from portrait to landscape view while staying in the same album list (art disappears when the view switches to the other layout orientation). This happens regardless of which skin is applied, and all my music is stored on the device itself (no SD card).


How the display looks when I browse into the album: http://imgur.com/9NeQt6v

How the display looks when I go back into the album from "Now Playing": http://imgur.com/0Qg4Ohq

  • Poweramp version: 2.0.10-build-579-uni (Full Version)
  • Device model: HTC One M8
  • Android version: 5.0.1
  • Using stock ROM

Obviously not a big problem, but figured I'd throw it out there as I didn't see anything mentioned in other posts. Just bought Poweramp this week and am definitely enjoying it so far.  :)

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Im having virtually the same problem. This problen is only 2.0.10 (trial for now). I've looked in to the link above and my images are within limits.

The problem i have is that not all images are shown structure as follows:


Media root-

                  |-Aritst "a"

                  |-Aritst "b"

                  |-Aritst "c"

On this level no art is shown


Media root-

                  |-Aritst "a"-




On this level some art is shown. Impossible to explain why some are not shown since resolution etc. is virtually the same.


Took my sd-card to a friends device (he has 2.0.8 on an older android=4.1.2) and there everythis is ok.

unfortunately the 2.0.8 doesn't play songs from external sd-card but album art is shown properly.


Solution is apreciated.


Thanks in advance

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