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Problem Viewing Folders


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First of all, great work on Poweramp. Definitely worth paying for, and I'm looking forward to the custom media library.

In the meantime, I'm having a little trouble getting the "Folders" view working on my Archos 70. I have two music folders: one on the device's internal storage (which looks like an SD card to Android), and another on an external SD card. Poweramp recognizes the first music folder, but I can't get it to see the second.

In Settings, I've checked two "Music Folders": one is "/mnt/storage/Music/" (location of the internal storage folder) and one is "/mnt/storage/sdcard/". When performing a "rescan," Poweramp definitely "sees" the files on the external SD card (I can tell by the number of items scanned). However, in the "Folders" view, I only see the items in internal storage. Any thoughts on why this might be?

For reference, the music on the external SD card is located in a directory called "Music Main," then grouped into folders by artist, then by album. I can see everything in the "library" view, but I'm hoping to avoid the media scanner entirely. If I uncheck "/mnt/storage/Music/", the "Folders" view shows nothing at all, even though "/mnt/storage/sdcard/" is still checked. When I use a file browser (Astro), the path /mnt/storage/sdcard/ takes me to the external SD card.

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Please check this thread: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=586&p=2333&hilit=archos#p2333

Android os supports only one external storage. Support for other additional storages should be added specifically per device in app, so I'm adding this as soon as I get mount points for such devices. Your device will be added as well to the next update on Market.

I'm also planning special option to add such mount points, but that will work only for technical savvy users as understanding of mount points/external storages etc. is required.


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