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Gapless playback does not work on Xperia M2

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I have a problem with the gapless playback.
I'm using a Sony Xperia M2 phone. Walkman app definitely sucks, so I was looking for a nice player, because I have lots of live/concept albums wich have tracks are linked one after another, and I wanted a gapless playback app.


To the point: When I play an album with Poweramp and the screen is on, the playback is smooth and gapless from one track to another, BUT when the screen turns off the problem is present, and I experience the little gaps. I'm using the free trial version. Is this problem because of that? By the way, the "gapless option" on the settings is on.


My files are ripped with Itunes and they play just fine with my Ipod touch 4th. So the files are OK.


I hope someone can help me, thanks a lot! :)

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