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intelligent multiple tag / genre search

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Hi there,


all my mp3s have multiple genre id3-tags.


A very nice and comfortable feature of my desktop-player is, to be able search in a very intelligent (boolean) way.


For example, i'm having a party at my place and want to choose very quick the appropiate music. I know, there are some people, who like rock music but hate electronic music. What I do with my desktop-player (foobar2000) is:


searching for music which is tagged with "party" AND "rock" AND NOT "elektro".


In fact, I do have some mp3s which are tagged with all 3 tags "party"; "rock", "elektro" (for example "let forever be" by the Chemical Brothers), but I want that just mp3s with the tags "party" and "rock" AND NOT (!!!) "elektro" appear in my playlist.



Is this kind of search already possible with Poweramp? Would be very nice!!!


kind regards,


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