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Volume not loud enough in Poweramp

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Hey There.


I'm using a Samsung Galaxy Fame and when i got Poweramp I felt as if the volume was too low, so I wanted to increase it more to my liking. Though it seems that is easier said then done as when trying to change this the limit option always seems to be the problem. When turned off I can use the equalizer settings to increase sound easily, though sadly it sounds like a complete distorted mess when you do this. And when its turned on I can't get it high enough for my liking as it seems to cap the volume too low.


So I was wondering if there is a fix for this at all or if just my hearings getting worse.


Thanks for reading and please send me any helpful tips you can. I would really appreciate it.

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If you want to increase the level to beyond 100%, then yes you'll get distortion. The limiter is there to stop that. Ideally you need to leave enough digital headroom in the eq processor to allow some bands to be boosted if neeeded.


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