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Voice control / Gesture tweek

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I just love this app! I even bought it! ( i have 99% stolen aps :D ) Ok thats a different story.. 

Ok.. MY idea/Req: Voice control

As a driver it is quite hard and dangerous to always unlock the screen or swipe down the notification bar(NB) to change the song(while ''sitting'' in waze)! Soo. I own a S3 Neo and with the original music palyer- it has the ability to voice control- as next,privious, play,pauze and volume +/-! It would be VERY nice to have this feature to control the player with voice! Also while in another app (as form example.. waze).. 

Maybe you need to create a.. ''safeword'' or someting cuz.. while singing lyrics with wods NEXT TIME.. :D Player just  changes the song..? No.. like.. Everybody could create a word so when i say- gugugaga- player respods( with some icon in NB?)-  next - and PA changes the song! 

I know its a lot to ask for.. but.. it would just... Kablam .. make things so much safer and faster...

maybe not a voice control.. maybe some gesture tweek? Im in waze.. i klick 3 times.. opens up a window( or no just reads the next touches...) to left right up down... :) 

Ok.. maybe stupid idea... :D 


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