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Using PA with Smartwatch (Uwatch 8 Pro)


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Couldnt find anything via Google, xda or the search in this forum,

so I had to post this...


I have recently bought an Uwatch 8 Pro from China, for the only purpose

to control PA while riding bike without taking the smartphone out of my pocket.


Unfortunately, this wouldnt work since the watch is always playing music via

its own speaker instead of my headphones, which are connected to the smartphone.


I have asked in the uwatch section of xda and got the answer to set it up in the output-settings of PA,

which I couldnt find...

Can anyone please help?


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I assume that this watch is declaring itself as a Bluetooth music playback device, and if a Bluetooth output device is connected then that would take priority over headphones.

Can you disable the Media Audio profile for the watch via your phone's Bluetooth settings control panel?


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Thanks for the quick answer.


What youre saying is exactly right and I already tried checking and unchecking the box labelled "Media-Audio" in the BT settings.

But if unchecked, the watch would say "Connection failed" when I try to open its music app (the one where you could control PA if box is checked).


So, as I see it, there are only these two options:


1) I cant control the music at all, but playback works over headphones/phone speaker

2) I can control PA via watch, but then playback only works over the watch speaker


I think you can see why this isnt quite satisfactory...

Are there any workarounds maybe?

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