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New user has 2 questions


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As a new user of Poweramp (Unlocked full version) on my Sony Xperia Z1 Compact, I have  2 questions:


1) About the Folder view: I have my music organized in folders and subfolders. For example when there are more cd's by the same artist I have 1 folder with the name of the artist and subfolders with the cd's in it. In Poweramp in Folder view however I see all the folders including the subfolders in a row, which is a bit unclear for me. Is it possible to have the Folder view the same way as it is on my phone, so that I see the folders with the artist's name and can open them for the cd folders? If so, how can I do that ?


2) In the Equalizer screen, left below, I see: "Eq", "Tone" and "Limit". What is the effect of enabling/disabling there and what does "Tone" mean/do ?


Thanks in advance.


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1) when viewing the list of folders, tap the menu button and choose List Options. Set the View As mode to "Hierarchy".

2) The Eq, Tone and Limit buttons turn those features on or off. Tone enables adjustment via the Bass/Treble controls, while Eq enables the more flexible multi-band Equaliser controls. Limit turns the limiter feature on and off.


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