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Centralized way to manage Album Art

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Right now the way to change the album art is to play it and long tap on the cover, this allows you to download hig res covers which are stored then in the app selected_aa folder.

After downloading a lot of covers this way I am getting tired of having to play the album to get to this function. It would be nice to have a way to manage the album art from the album list or library grid views, maybe also by long tapping on the album entry.

When I say manage I mean I want these functions to be available:


  • Download high res cover (which is what we have now)
  • Download cover from a specific, user input, URL
  • Transfer the downloaded cover to the album folder (and remove it from selected_aa)
  • Reset cover to folder art
  • Rescan album art (sometimes I've seen album art not displayed even if there is art in the folder

Some of these I would love to have them also in bulk for all albums (like the rescan and the transfer)

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