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Problems I found on the build 578 of 2.0.10 uni(website) version.

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Hey guys I am using a Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 with Android v 2.3.6(S5360DXLL1), Linux Kernel v #1)(Custom ROM).



1. While scrolling through a list of songs using the scroll button, the 'first letter balloon' doesn't appear which used to in all the previous versions of the app. Here is a link to the screenshot of the feature working when scrolling through contacts list:



2. There is a graphical glitch in the folder screen that always happens when the app is not playing any song(and I have Folder screen as startup default) when I exactly do the following:

Hit play button on widget>*song starts playing*>tap on widget and launch the app>*app opens player screen and immideatly goes to folder screen*>tap bottom left extreem button>*app goes to player screen*>hit "Back" button>*folder screen with the glitch appears*

Here is a link to the screenshot of the glitch(look at the top 20% part of the screen, the texture color is of the thumbnail of the first folder- brown):



3. Sometimes at phone startup the widget/app does not start automatically and shows <no song selected> and so on till I manually launch the app by tapping on widget.


4. Overall the app feels slower than previous versions.


Hope this helps :)

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