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Sorting by Track ID #


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Hi guys,


Apologies, as I imagine this is a repeat topic but I have looked through historic threads - none of which helped me.


I have added a folder of songs to my HTC One M8 running Android 5.0.1 all of which I manually tagged with Track IDs / Numbers. I then added this folder to the Poweramp search criteria.


I created a new playlist and on the first attempt just used the folder list to populate the playlist - I then realised this wouldn't work after reading a thread on here. So alternatively, I created the playlist again but this time I manually added every single song from the 'Recently Added' list. The first 10 songs or so will order by Track ID. but after I have added all 120 songs it re-orders by Artist / Track Name and will not re-order by track number.


I know Poweramp can see all the track IDs as I have checked the details of the tracks via Poweramp itself, even granted access to the SD card to allow permission to edit some of them.


Does anybody have any suggestions for this?


Many thanks



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Playlists can't be re-sorted from within Poweramp (although external apps can do it, such as TheoKlink's one), as far as I know they are just listed in the order they were first added. You can move tracks up and down the list manually within PA, but I suspect that'd be a bit long-winded.


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