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Fine grain volume control


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Hi there,

I can't be the only person to find the stepped nature of volume control on Android apps really annoying.

We are talking digital devices here, so stepped increments are the order of the day. However, would it be possible to decrease the step "size" ? Better still, provide a degree of user configuration.

Excellent product by the way. :D


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The android actually does it right from audiophile point of view (16 levels means there is division by two/samples shifted one bit - this doesn't produce additional quantization noise comparing to fixed point division by non power of two numbers).

But finer volume controls is nice to have and I already have some plans for it. It will only work in PowerAMP though.


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I'm using Preamp when two subsequent volume steps are too low or too high for my comfortable listening. With the Preamp slider 3/4 up and the flat equalizer, simply pushing the EQ button gives the volume level exactly between the steps. But, yes - having a proper fine volume control would be awesome.

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Thanks Max.

I did wonder about the underlying hardware implications. If this sort of thing were straight-forward, Poweramp wouldn't be the uniquely impressive app that it is.

Another vaguely related question.

It would be great to be able to use the equalisation ability of Poweramp with other applications. Internet radio players etc, etc.

Is it possible to "hijack" the audio output of another application with Poweramp (say) running as a background service - performing the necessary post processing ?

I suppose I'm asking for Poweramp to act as an extension to the operating system, without having to root.



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