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Maybe Im crazy, but I remember in a previous version of Poweramp that the scroll bar in a list of whatever would jump to your finger if you put your finger anywhere on the right side of the screen. Now, you have to touch exactly where the scroll bar currently is to grab it. There are three problems with this:


1) the scroll bar disappears on its own and only reappears if you scroll up or down

2) the scroll bar is maddeningly small (even on my huge Nexus 6), so trying to grab it with your finger can be a challege

3) in my car during the day when my phone is in its holder, its extremely difficult to see where the scroll bar currently is


The last one is the biggest issue. Before, I remember just touching anywhere to the right of the screen and the bar would jump to my finger, allowing me to easily scroll without needing to focus my eyes away from the road and on the phone. Now, scrolling with the bar is next to impossible in my car unless I enjoy flying off the road and into a ditch at 70mph.


If Im not crazy and remembering correctly, can this be re-enabled somehow? And If I am crazy, can this be a possible feature in the future?


Current PA: v2.0.10:575

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