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Songs are Corrupted while playing from 32GB SD Card

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I recently upgraded my 16GB SD Card on my ZTE740 Android 4.1.2 phone to a 32GB SD Card. Now Poweramp is not playing some of my songs. They show up in the library, but when I try to play them they are garbled and Poweramp fails to play them. Any Suggestions???

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Do they come out 'garbled' with another player?  Does a 'garbled' file also sound 'garbled' on a PC? If yes then it's your songs for some reason. If they're fine with another player then I guess Max weoul;d need more information and maybe a song to check out - I'm sure his contact details are here on the forum somewhere.


Could also be your SDCard. I have a 64GB card and all is well with that - and I have 40GB+ of music on it. Can you backup all of your data from your card and format it? Then check again.

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I have exactly the same problem, i upgraded from an 8GB SD card to a 32GB in my Huawei Ascend G6-L11. When i try to play the songs that aren't played in Poweramp in my computer i get the message that the decoder was not found for that format. The songs play once or twice when first i get them in the player, but after a while they stop.


Best Regards and thanks for helping

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I'm having the same problem. The music files play normally on the PC. I've tried transferring the files by using the sync method with both Media Monkey and Windows media player, and also manually copying the files to the SD card. The problem is only happening with files from 3 specific album downloads, but others from the same site are working normally. I've also tried re-downloading the problem music files (mp3) and the issue persists.


I'm using a 64GB microSD card. The files are high bitrate (320kb), but so are other that are playing on the device normally.


Just now I synced the problem files to the phone system storage and now they're playing normally. So I'll try reformatting the SD card and re-syncing all my music back to it and see what happens.


Before re-formatting the microSD card, I thought I'd try deleting all the mp3 files and the entire folder and then re-sync my whole library. This resulted in many files simply not being copied to the card, so of course not showing up in the Poweramp library.


It would hard to definitely show this, but has anyone heard of issues copying high bitrate mp3 files to a microSD card through WMP?

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