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how to add musics to current playing list?


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I selected a folder and went on play. Now I want to add another folder to the current playing list. How do I do that?

I don't want to create a playlist. I don't want to add in queue.

I just want to add songs to the current playing list temporarily and can't figure out how!!


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Not quite sure what you are asking....

If you want to just progress to the next folder in your selected sort order, just press the >>> (Next List) button in the player screen.

If you want to start playing a specific new folder and forget the old one, just navigate to it in the Folders list and play it (or any song within it).

If you want to stop playing the current folder for a short time while you play another one in the meantime, use the Add to Queue feature.

For anything more complex in creating a play order, use Playlists.


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Let me try to explain in a practical way

I have this folder structure:







Yesterday I wanted to listen to 2014 in shuffle, today I want to continue listening 2014 but also 2015 mixed together.

I don't want to create a playlist for it, just want to append 2015 to the current playing list.

Also, it was in shuffle, so I don't want to listen the already played songs I listened yesterday..

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I imagine it could be easily achieved if the playing list acts like a temporarily playlist that do not need to be saved...

You know?

I don't want to create a playlist every time I want to add a different folder..

Next week I may want to listen to dire straits and 2014, the week after it dire straits and 2015...

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The shuffle playback position is remembered if you pause and then return to it later, so you shouldn't hear the same songs that you've already listened to from the 2014 folder.

However you can't listen to both '2014' and '2015' all shuffled together (unless you add them both to a single playlist for now, and then shuffle that). You'd need to listen to 2014 in 'Shuffle Songs' mode first, and then go on to listen to 2015 in Shuffle Songs mode.

To combine several folders into one temporary playlist, just long-press on each folder name and tap "Add to Playlist", then listen to it in 'Shuffle Songs' mode which will mix up all the tracks, then delete the playlist once you're done with it.

If you just wanted to listen to several folders (in order) then you could use Enqueue instead, but the Queue plays items in the order that they were queued, or with manual up/down changes, but not randomly. For random, you'd need to make it a Playlist.


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