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Notification causes music to play from speakers with headphones plugged in.

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Hey guys! Sorry for just appearing here with a question. I hope you can help me.


I have a really bad problem with my Galaxy S5. My S4 was fine until I updated to Lollipop, so I think that's the problem.


I'm playing music with headphones plugged in, Whatsapp notification sound plays through speakers.


That's fine.


BUT suddenly during notification, the music ALSO plays through the speakers for a few seconds! This is really frustrating because I receive messages throughout the day and don't want everyone around me to be disturbed with what I'm listening to (in library, on bus, etc.).


Thank you so much for any advice you can give me! Nothing I try works. :(


Edit: Before Lollipop, Whatsapp notification would play on speakers and audio still through headphones. That was fine. I haven't tried turning on "temporary audio pauses" for notifications, because I'd like the music to continue playing like before.

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Thanks for the suggestion!


Alright, so I think I "fixed" it. Posting it here in case it helps someone else.


I plugged in the new S5 stock headphones that came with the phone, and suddenly the issue was resolved. Now both notifications and music plays through the headphones when plugged in, and the phone itself only vibrates.


However, occasionally it will malfunction again, in which case I have to:


a) Restart my phone.

B) Put notifications on vibrate only.


No idea why I would have to plug in S5 stock headphones; the one I was using were Samsung as well... but hey problem solved! =)

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i can confirm this bug exist. the ideal way of handling this is to play the notification sound both through the speaker and headphones, without music audio going through speakers, and without pausing the music in headphones. unless this is some kind of os/hardware limitation, pausing music for notification sound should only be considered a workaround.

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