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Move to memory card and more


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Hi I love your music player, but I would really like to see these features:

* Move to memory card (froyo)

* When headset is connected and longpress on volume rocker you change to next/previous song

* A widget with white text and buttons (instead of the blueish glow)

* Album art in the library list

Keep up the good work! :)

/ Oggeh

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Thank you for the request.

Yes, currently move to SD card feature has too many limitations. Inability to support Widgets is the one, but there are more - check http://developer.android.com/guide/appe ... ation.html if you're interested (Applications That Should NOT Install on External Storage).

But it's not impossible (widgets can go into separate app, which will be installed into internal memory) and I'll be looking into this for v2.0.

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