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settings and equalizer backup

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Use the Import/Export Settings features. I know it's not the easiest option to find, as a little counter-intuitively it exists as a Menu Button press from within a Menu. Go into the Settings menu and then press the Menu button again and you will see Import/Export options.

Max, I did mention this a while ago, but might it not be easier for users if it was located at the bottom of the main Settings menu list (in the 'Other' category alongside get skins, get widgets, etc)?


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Found it!

Yes that's tough to find cause I didn't click settings inside settings.

At the bottom or inside "Misc" would be better.

Lol, if I had known this, I took screen shots of my equalizer and other settings to convert them over to another phone.

An option to export it to email, Google Drive and SD card would be awesome!

Anyway, thanks for the help! Nothing like good support! Love the app, have it since many years!

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