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The reason is that there is no standardized tag for rating believe it or now. I really want this though. I use stars to keep track of songs i want to listen to and keep from discography. I had hundreds hand picks songs 5 stars out of tens of thousands song. well low and behold they weren't saved to tags and when Poweramp had to rescan sd i lost all that work. I was trying this because about a year ago Poweramp lost all of my songs saved when EVERY playlist when to zero number of songs.


been a pro user since 2010. Id be will to put some bounty on this feature.

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There does not seem to be a standard which everyone follows, but the official answer would seem to be to use the POPM tag (Popularimeter) which is listed in the ID3v2 spec (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ID3). It allows a value range of 0-255, so needs remapping back to match with a star-based system.

Some other ones are as follows. I would suggest writing all of these to files for maximum compatibility (they are only a few bytes each) and also checking for all of them if a valid POPM tag is not found.


This description is for only ID3v2 tags. The playcounter is an optional value.

Syntax: Email|Rating|Playcounter

Example: Mp3tag|255|5

Note: The Rating is an integer between 0 (worst) and 255 (best).


Track rating from 1 = Bad to 5 = Very good (like MediaMonkey does it). You can also enter stars * (and - for half stars) for rating the track.


Track rating from 1 = Bad to 5 = Very good (like Windows Media Player does it). You can also enter stars * for rating the track.


Track rating from 1 = Bad to 5 = Very good (like Winamp does it). You can also enter stars * for rating the track.


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The lack of a standardized rating tag is a hurdle, but it would be nice if Poweramp would import rating data from ANY tag, even if it was a completely new and arbitrary one. That way, at least power users could utilize some utility to copy whatever tag they use into PA's tag of choice.


This iTunes-esque refusal to interact with tag data is a big detractor to the program I purchased because I thought it sounded the best and had an excellent feature set. This inability to sync with my library's rating system really limits how much of a "library" I can maintain and use with this program.

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It seems the best option is to use the 1-5 Rating by reading the RATING Meta tag?

That seems to cover most bases? Rather than creating some new tags specific to the application.

The question I have is "What tags does it read?" to determine a favourite track?

If I know this I can simply add this tag to my FLAC files accordingly.

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