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More intuitive "Play Now" queue option


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So I understand that the current queue is a "set it and forget it" option. 


I'm trying to find a similar queue feature to Poweramp, where, for example, you'll add in songs A, B, C, D, and E. You play all five and it goes back to A. That I've been able to figure out how to do...sort of.


But what if I want to shuffle it? Let's say A-B-C-D-E shuffles to B-E-C-A-D. Nice and randomesque, and I can replicate that - once. With PlayerPro, it would go, using my above example, B-E-C-A-D to, say, A-D-B-C-E. With Poweramp it would go B-E-C-A-D straight back to B-E-C-A-D and play it in that organized random order.


Also, say, if I search for a term (in this case from the past I've searched for Battle!) I can play all results with that, but I can;t easily open up what's playing when it's playing so as to choose which Battle! track I'm playing. This could likely be resolved with a "Now Playing" that would take priority and stick those in there.


Pretty much, I want a classic "now playing" that takes priority over everything else, shuffles randomly, and when it gets to the end, does a reshuffling and keeps playing. That way I can swap what I want on the fly without adding and removing from a playlist.

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If you enable Repeat List while the queue is playing, the queued items will repeat at the end like any other list. You can also go into the Library and see (and change the order of) the Queue, and re-play it again later if you wish.

For anything more complex, creating a temporary Playlist might be a more flexible option (and you can add and remove items on the fly, and reorder them).

To see the currently playing song in its folder (or album, artist list, etc) just tap on the song title in the Player screen.


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I know you can see it in the folder/album/artist, however, given my previous example, I want to play all my Pokemon soundtrack Battle! music. And if I have them all added, if I want to swap from one battle track to a specific other one on a different album, I can't easily do that. It's counterintuitive.


And I know the list will repeat, but, as I mentioned, it's an "organized random" instead of truly random. It goes and plays the "random" tracks in the same exact order once it shuffles back.


Windows Media Player, Winamp, MediaMonkey, built in music players on all Android devices I have owned, and PlayerPro, have all had this plug-and-play option - you don't even need to make a playlist to do so. You shouldn't have to make a playlist for that. I understand Poweramp wants to set itself apart, but if doing so it hinders users and takes away from flexibility, it's not a good way to go about doing it.

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