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Rescanning folders does not add songs to Library


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I am currently evaluating Poweramp with a view to purchasing but I am getting frustrated with a bug (or lack of feature).

Basically, I can use the Rescan Folders option after adding new music, and can see them in Folders but they do not appear in the Library. The only way I have managed to get them to appear in the Library is to reboot my phone which seems a little extreme.

Is there a fix for this?

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the Library is android system media library and it's filled by system media scanner which starts on

usb (as drive) disconnection, sd card mount or phone reboot. Thus, if you uploaded files via wifi, or

downloaded from internet, system media scanner is not aware of this and files won't appear in the library until

the next system media scan.

PowerAMP Folders are free from this issue due to ability to manully rescan the folders (PowerAMP

also automatically rescans on usb disconnection/sd card mount as well).


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Thanks maxmpz!

Some additional information:

When I transfer files from my NAS to the phone using the ASTRO android client, a System Media refresh seems to happen almost immediately.

When I transfer files from my NAS using TwonkyMobile, the refresh does not seem to occur.

TwonkyMobile is my preferred route as ASTRO does not have a transfer queue. With TwonkyMobile, I can happily navigate round my library adding tracks to the transfer queue before letting it run.

In ASTRO I have been using the SMB module to get a fast transfer. I am assuming TwonkyMobile does a similar thing as the transfer speeds are comparable.

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