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Sync playlist with a playlist made online?


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Hey guys, love the app, but I've always been looking for a music player app that allows people to create a playlist on the computer/internet that synced with the app. This is probably a huge feature and difficult to implement, but I just thought I'd ask. I'm not asking for music FILES to be hosted on the computer or internet. Just like the filename and directory or something...


I ask this because a lot of the time it's really tedious to make a playlist through the phone, not because any of the apps are bad, but because it's just... you have to do it from the phone, haha. Sometimes I just want to make a playlist in like 2-3 minutes and run out the door. But with the app, I have to sit there for like 5-10 minutes scrolling through endless songs. I'm sure there's someone out there who feels the same way... 


I actually have a "shopping list" app that I can input stuff via the computer (through their website) and it syncs with the app on the phone. Obviously you have to make an account and sign in from both the app and the website.


Thanks for reading. :)

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