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How to keep my favorites songs always

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Hello,, I spend a lot of time making my favorits music doing star rate, also downloading the album art... but when i do a clear ram, cache, etc all are gone... i use samsung tablet 10.1 kit kat...how i can save it for ever. ..

I have all my song on separate folders. .. jazz, rock, pop, etc..

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Albumart can either be some .jpg files in each music folder or actually embedded into each track. I use the embedded method, and use a mp3 tag program on my pc. There are lots available.

As far as the other mp3 tags, the only ones that are Poweramp specific are Rating and Times Played. All the other mp3 tags such as artist, album, composer etc you can also set using an mp3 tagger. Since all this metadata is part of the track, you will not lose this when resetting etc.

The additional Poweramp tags may be lost when uninstalling Poweramp but should not get lost when clearing ram.

if you want to backup your playlists, the best way is to export them as .m3u playlists. I can recommend an app New Playlist Manager which can do this.

So... by tagging your mp3 tracks, you will automatically ensure that this is saved forever

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