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Playlist sync problem

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I'm having a problem with playlists duplicating each time I sync.  I use MusicBee on my PC to sync music and m3u playlists to my SD card via a flash reader.  Then I put the SD card back in the phone and the Poweramp auto rescan runs. 

The first time I did this everything worked perfectly.  All the m3u playlists synced by MusicBee in the Playlists folder on the SD card were automaticaly imported by the rescan and worked as expected.  So I thought I was good to go and went ahead and purchased Poweramp.

Unfortunately, the next time I synced the SD card, after Poweramp rescaned, all the playlists were duplicated.  A second copy of each playlist was added with a "1" at the end of the playlist name.  To be clear, the actual m3u files in the Playlist folder are not duplicated, just the playlists in the Poweramp library.

It's not clear to me if this is a Poweramp problem or a general Android issue, but it seems like when a previously imported m3u file is updated, the next rescan will add a new playlist to the library rather then updating the existing one.

I've seen a lot of forum posts with similar issues but no solutions.  Anyone know what's going on here?

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I did but the dupes persisted. I think it might be related to android's native system playlists. I went into the native Music app and noticed all the playlists were diplicated there as well, although the dupes didn't have the "1" at the end.

I'm not sure if I ever used the "import system playlists" option in Poweramp or not. Maybe doing that and also picking up the same playlist from a scan is the problem?

When I get home I'll try deleting all playlists in the native app and Poweramp, then sync and rescan a couple times, making sure not to use the import option and see what happens.

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You might want to try putting a .nomedia file (a zero-byte file) into the folder which contains all your music and playlists. That will stop the default Android apps from finding any media files there, leaving just Poweramp's scans.


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After deleting all playlists in the native Music app and Poweramp, then syncing and rescaning a couple times (and modifying some playlistis in MusicBee in between), everything seems good now.  No duplicates and playlists are updating correctly.  Both in the native Music app and in Poweramp.


So I think it definitely had something to do with the Import System Playlists feature, which I must have done inadvertantly without realizing what it really meant.  Now I only see file-based playlist in Poweramp, whereas before I had both system and file-based, with all the duplicates in the system section.


So I guess the moral of the story is don't use the Import System Playlists feature if you are syncing all your playlist from your PC.

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