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Does Poweramp use .nomedia file?


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I am new to this forum, but old age (71) and computer (1970). :)
On my Xperia Z3, I use Poweramp instead Walkman because Walkman lacks many features.

On the other hand, the Xperia photo album lists 1587 CD cover images that are in the SD memory card 128 GB while these images have nothing to do with the photo album.
The only way for these CD cover pictures are not listed is to have a file named ".nomedia" (Without quote) in the folder to be not listed. But then, all the "media" files with the music files (mp3, aac, etc.) will not be listed too.

So my question is:
Do Poweramp uses the file .nomedia to not list the contents of files designated to be scanned in parameter.


I apologize for my wrong English.



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Poweramp does not check for .nomedia flag files, so even if you do need to use .nomedia files to stop your cover art from appearing within other photo apps, Poweramp can still find your MP3 files there.

Instead, you tell Poweramp which folders you would like it to scan for music (or to ignore) via the Settings > Folders and Library > Music Folders menu.


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