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Numbered Snap To Lines for Equalizer + Ability to Save Custom Presets

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Poweramp is a great app (the best music player available for android) but it is buggy, at least for me. I have to reinstall the program every time I make big changes to my music libraries on my 64gb (~5,000 songs) and 128gb (~9,000 songs) micro sd cards. A full rescan always fails to identify new files. Reinstalling the program is the only way it will find new music if I add a lot of music to the card or when changing cards. Since all the settings are wiped out after uninstalling I am forced to put back my custom equalizer presets. I have around 4 that I use depending on what my player is connected to. So I am requesting 2 features that will really help me out.


1. The ability to export equalizer presets.


2. Numbered snap to lines for the equalizer so that I can just write down the numbers for each column. Also, having a clickable "+" and "-" at the top and bottom of each column would be really helpful.


I use Poweramp for my Cowon Z2. The screen is very small and manipulating the equalizer bars are a real pain.


Please add one of these features, thanks.

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